Wise Restraint – Understanding Dispassion – A Structured Study


Wise Restraint Structured Study Dhamma Talks

These are the most recent talks on this subject. As of December, 2019, There are more than 600 Dhamma talks on this and other teachings of the Buddha in my audio and video archives:





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Our Wise Restraint Structured Study provides additional foundation for our Wise Restraint – Foundations of the Buddha’s Dhamma 2022 Retreat June 29 to July 3

The Buddha’s Eightfold Path to liberation from all views ignorant of Four Noble Truths develops profound Wisdom of the true nature of human life. The Eightfold Path is a limiting path that brings understanding to the stress and suffering of a life driven by self-indulgence rooted in the Three Defilements of Greed, Aversion, and deluded thinking. In this way, the Buddha’s Dhamma is a gentle and direct interruption of continued grasping-after and clinging to conflicting and confusing life experiences rather than experiencing each moment of human life resting in the calm and peace of Wise Restraint.

The wisdom informed by the Eightfold Path develops Wise Restraint and the ability to recognize and abandon all manifestations of ignorance of the Four Noble Truths as these events arise and pass away. Wise Dhamma Practitioners develop concentration from Jhana meditation. From a well-concentrated mind, the entire Eightfold Path can be integrated into one’s life and provides the Refined Mindfulness necessary to live with undertsnding, gentleness, and calm in an ever-changing, conflicted world.

Wise Restraint Structeredf Study Class Suttas

  1. Dhatu-Vibhanga Sutta – A Buddha’s Analysis of Self
  2. Samadhanga Sutta – Concentration, Foundation for Wise Restraint
  3. Abaya Sutta – Right Speech and True Compassion
  4. Adhipettaya Sutta – Three Governing Principles For Vipassana
  5. Karma Sutta – Acting To Awaken
  6. Saddhama Sutta – Wise Restraint and Distracting and Fabricated ‘Dharmas.”
  7. Girimananda Sutta – Wise Restraint Through Understanding 
  8. Kuta Sutta – Wise Restraint: A Good Roof
  9. Sallatha Sutta – Two Arrows and Self-Loathing
  10. Culla-Saccaka Sutta – The Importance of a Fearless, Independent, Well-Informed, and Well-Focused Sangha
  11. Upadha Sutta – An Admirable Sangha
  12. Dukkha Sutta – The Personal Experience of Dukkha
  13. Sikkha Sutta – Three Trainings Developing Wise Restraint
  14. Cula-Vedalla Sutta – A Nun Teachers Her Ex The Meaning of Wise Restraint

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