Truth of Happiness Dhamma Study Talks

Directly below are the talks for The Truth Of Happiness Dhamma Study correspondence course.

The second set of recordings below are recordings of our 2019 and 2018 Dhamma Studies at Cross River Meditation Center. Included in these talks are sangha discussions.

Here is information on taking the correspondence course with John: Correspondence Course 

There are additional talks on Four Foundations Of Mindfulness here: Four Foundations Of Mindfulness

and on Karma And Rebirth here: Karma And Rebirth

Truth of Happiness Correspondence Course Talks

Below are recordings of our 2019 and 2018 Truth Of Happiness Dhamma Studies from Cross River Meditation Center in Frenchtown, New Jersey. Each weekly class is based on a chapter from my book The Truth of Happiness. These classes can be joined a few minutes before the scheduled start here: Becoming Buddha Podcast

Information on The Truth Of Happiness Book is here: John’s Books.

Videos of these classes are also available on my Youtube Channel.

2019 Truth Of Happiness Dhamma Study Audio Recordings

2019 Truth Of Happiness Dhamma Study Video Recordings

2018 Cross River Meditation Center Dhamma Study Talks

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