This is a recording of a dhamma talk on The Fire Discourse. The fire discourse is the buddha’s third teaching and is considered one of the three most important teachings ever presented. The Fire Discourse follows the Buddha’s first teaching on The Four Noble Truths setting the wheel of truth in motion. A short time later he presented the Anatta-Lakkhana Sutta, the sutta on the not-self characteristic.

About a month later the Buddha presented The Fire Discourse. At the time there were many different cuts, one of which was a cult that used fire worship in their rituals. The Buddha used this as metaphor to teach how we become aflame with passion through contact with our six-sense base. This talk was recorded in Frenchtown New Jersey on March 15, 2016. Included in this recording is a twenty minute Jhana meditation, sangha discussion and concludes with Metta. is free of distracting advertising and ad-tracking. I rely on donations to support the continued preservation and clear and accessible presentation of the Buddha's Dhamma restored to his original focus and intent: Ending Ignorance of Four Noble Truths. 

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