Passaddhi – The Calm Mind of a Buddha Midwinter Retreat


Calm Mind of a Buddha 2022 Retreat Dhamma Talks

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February 4 to February 6, 2022
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Our 2022 Midwinter Retreat will develop a deep and profound understanding of the ongoing quality of an awakened mind as defined by the Buddha: Calm This awakened calm is rooted in the understanding of Four Noble Truths. It is through recognizing our individual human reality that our ignorance of reality is intentionally and mindfully recognized and abandoned. This 6 session weekend retreat is an opportunity to deepen Jhana and experience directly the profound refuge of calm.

Our Passaddhi  – The Calm Mind of a Buddha Midwinter Retreat will be presented online via Zoom and in-person at our center in Frenchtown. 

The suggested donation for this retreat is $50.00. All donations will fund a scholarship to a future residential retreat.


Our Passadhi Calm Mind Of A Buddha Retreat Schedule

Friday 7 pm Introduction and First Session

Kotthita – Awakened Calm, Thag1:2 DT John Haspel
Vatthupama Sutta – Of Stained and Pure Cloth DT Ram Manders

Saturday 9:00 am QiGong
QiGong Instructor Matt Branham

Saturday 9:30 am

Girimananda Sutta – Abandon Disease: Ten Profound Understandings DT Matt Branham

Saturday Lunch 11:30 to 1 pm

Saturday 1:30 pm

Sallatha Suuta – Two Arrows DT David Allen

Saturday Dinner  4:30 to 6

Saturday 6:30 pm

Culavedalla Sutta – A Nun Teaches Her Ex DTMatt Branham J

Sunday 9:00 am QiGong

Sunday 9:30 am

Atthakanagara Sutt – The Single Quality For- Awakening DT Kevin Hart

Sunday 12 Noon

Jana Sutta – Meditative Absorption DT John Haspel


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