Karma, Rebirth, and Intentional Becoming


Karma, Rebirth, and Intentional Becoming Talks

These are the most recent talks on this subject. As of December, 2019, There are more than 600 Dhamma talks on this and other teachings of the Buddha in my audio and video archives:




Karma, Rebirth, and Intentional Becoming Introduction

These are a series of suttas that describe the meaning of karma and rebirth in the context of the Buddha’s Dharma and the Importance of Being mindful of what we are becoming as life occurs. 

The Buddha referenced karma and rebirth during his teachings in a way that contradicted the common usage of these words. This was true during the Buddha’s time as well as ours. Understanding karma and rebirth within the context of the Buddha’s Dharma bring refined mindfulness to what one is becoming in this moment.  

Karma is not a word that describes a grand cosmic universal system of behavior modification based on reward and punishment. Birth or rebirth does not refer to a future physical or non-physical experience. 

Karma is the present moment unfolding of past intentional acts moderated by the present level of mindfulness: what one is holding in mind. When what one is holding in mind is framed by the Eightfold Path then this Dhamma Practitioner will give birth to another moment inclined towards Awakening rather than another moment inclined towards further ignorance. This refined mindfulness brings a profound understanding of the importance of being present for our lives as our lives occur. It is only through a well-concentrated mine developed through Jhana meditation that can support the framework and guidance of the Eightfold Path. Refined mindfulness, resting in Jhana, the present moment opportunity to awaken becomes apparent and useful. each moment of our lives holds the opportunity to continue ignorance or establish an awakened, cam, end conflict-free mind.

Karma, Rebirth, and Intentional Becoming Dhamma Class Suttas

Class One: Bhava Sutta – Becoming Explained

Class Two: Loka Sutta – Subduing Passions

Class Three: Karma Sutta

Class Four: Sallatha Sutta

Class Five: Khajjaniya Sutta – Released From Affliction

Class Six: Sabbasava Sutta – Ensing fabrications

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