July 12 One-Day Retreat

The purpose of a retreat is to enter a quiet space free of the distractions of daily life. The physical setting of retreat is a reflection of our inner being. A tranquil and peaceful setting allows for our physical bodies to quiet and settle. As our physical bodies come to stillness, our minds gently follow. Retreat is a time for inner inquiry and insight, a time to deepen understanding, and a day of taking refuge in the Buddha, The Dhamma, and our wonderful Sangha.

Our Dhamma topics for July 12 will be Dukkha, Samadhi and the awakened mind. The preoccupation with Dukkha (stress, disappointment, disenchantment) is the distraction from lasting peace and happiness. Samadhi is the minds natural awakened state free of distraction. During this one-day retreat we will settle into a state of non-distraction and deepen our understanding of understanding dukkha and abandoning the cause of dukkha.

The cost of the retreat is $40 or $35 for pre-registration. We also have unlimited monthly plans that include all of our Frenchtown meditation classes and sits and a One-Day Retreat for $45. Registration and additional information is here: Class and Retreat Fees and Registration

Our typical One-Day Retreat schedule, subject to impermanence:

9:00 am Qigong
9:30 Jhana meditation
10:00 Dhamma Talk
10:45 Q&A and discussion
11:30 Jhana meditation
12 noon vegetarian lunch (provided, please feel free to bring a vegetarian dish to share)
1 pm Jhana or Walking Meditation along the canal, weather permitting
1:30 or 2 pm Dhamma Talk
3:00 Q&A and Discussion
3:45 Metta Intentional Meditation
4 pm Close