Jhana – Right Meditation


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Rahogata Sutta – Ending Fabrications Through Jhana

In the Rahogata Sutta, the Buddha teaches that feelings of pleasure, pain, or ambivalence, when perceived through a mimd rooted in ignorance of Four Noble Truths will fabricate what is experienced in a way that reaffirms ignorance and continues stress…

Fear, Meditation, Anatta

Fear arising during meditation, particularly shamatha-vipassana meditation, is a subject that comes up often. When meditation is practiced within the framework of the Eightfold Path the context of the Four Noble Truths brings understanding and guidance…

Samadhi A Non-Distracted Mind

The Buddha taught Samadhi in numerous Suttas, always describing the result of Samadhi. What is clear in all these teachings is the quality of mind the Buddha describes. These are qualities of an awakened mind fully present moment-by-moment in the phenomenal world…

The Karaniya Metta Sutta

The Karaniya Metta shows that the most loving and compassionate action that anyone can take is to engage wholeheartedly with the direct teachings of the Buddha and awaken…

The Jhanas – Meditative Absorption

The Buddha described four levels of meditative states that are known as “jhanas.” These are not to be taken as mind states to achieve. The jhanas are simply an explanation of different levels of concentration. Much is made in the commentaries regarding the importance of achieving these states and the intense effort needed to reach the more “advanced” levels. There is no relative importance to any of these states except to point to the experience of deepening concentration…

Jhana Meditation And The Four Noble Truths

This is a talk on Jhana meditation practiced within the context of The Four Noble Truths. The Buddha taught Jhana meditation as one factor of the Eightfold Path. Jhana is primarily used to develop the profond concentration necessary to develop understanding of The Four Noble Truths…

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