Introduction To The Buddha’s Dhamma


An awakened human being taught an Eightfold Path, and no other path, to bring profound understanding of the true nature of human life. This reality is taught as Four Noble Truths.*

Below are a video and four separate talks that introduce the Buddha’s teachings. The Buddha taught Shamatha-Vipassana meditation* to develop concentration. From a foundation of concentration, a restless and distracted mind can now support the refined mindfulness necessary to integrate all eight factors of the Eightfold Path.

It is the Eightfold Path* that brings knowledge and wisdom of Four Noble Truths and develops profound insight to Three Marks Of Existence.*

As you begin your study of what an awakened human being taught, much confusion and further distraction can be avoided by keeping in mind that everything the Buddha taught for his forty-five-year teaching career was taught in the context of Dependent Origination* and Four Noble Truths.


* Linked articles are below recordings

Four Noble Truths

Shamatha-Vipassana Meditation

Eightfold Path

Three Marks Of Existence

Dependent Origination

My Dhamma articles and talks are based primarily on Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s excellent and insightful translation of the Pali, as well as the works of Nyanaponika Thera, John Ireland and Maurice Walsh, among others, as preserved at Access To Insight. (

Also, I have found Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translations from Wisdom Publications Pali Canon Anthologies to be most informative and an excellent resource.  

Every teaching the Buddha presented during his forty-five-year teaching career was taught in the context of Dependent Origination and Four Noble Truths. I have made contextual edits to the suttas from the Sutta Pitaka for further clarity, to minimize repetition, and maintain relevance to Dependent Origination and Four Noble Truths supporting concentration and refined mindfulness developing skillful insight of Three Marks Of Existence.

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