How We Teach And Practice Dhamma

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Continuing Right Effort

We suggest two Jhana meditation sessions a day using the recordings linked below  to continually reinforce the Four Foundations of Mindfulness as your Jhana practice.

Please keep in mind, two Jhana sessions per day of shorter sessions rather than one long Jhana meditation session, when practiced consistently, will be more effective in deepening your concentration

We offer two opportunities each week to join our Sangha and hear our teachers present the words of the Buddha. Siddartha Gotama, the historical Buddha, a self-awakened, fully mature human being, spent the last forty-five years of his life teaching a simple and direct Dhamma, free of magical thinking. These teachings have been restored by John to their original intent and purpose: to have a profound experiential understanding of Four Noble Truths and to develop a calm and peaceful mind.

CRMC Doors open 1/2 hour prior to class start. Zoom room opens 15 minutes prior to class start. 
Prioritizing your Dhamma practice and to avoid class interruptions, relax and join us for Sangha prior to class start.
Our Sangha Thanks You.

Join us as often as you are able while gently holding in mind the unique opportunity we offer at BBCRMC.

When first encountered, the verbiage and structure of Dhamma practice can seem confusing. All of our teachers are available to you with questions you may have. Please feel free to contact anyone at anytime. We want you to discover a gentle and direct path to awakening and we are all here to help- just ask: BBCRMC Dhamma Teachers

Above all, do not judge yourself or this peaceful and harmless Dhamma. Begin now to understand that every moment of human life is impermanent and so impersonal. When distracted or stressed, keep in mind that what is a source of stress is not part of your identity or a true representation of life: all things arise and pass away.

To continue to develop and share the Buddha's timeless wisdom and preserve the legacy of our friend and teacher John Haspel, we offer weekly classes, both online and in person, both residential and local retreats, and our website with its extensive video and audio archive.  None of this would be possible without your support and donations. 

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