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The Sambodhi Sutta – The Wings of Self-Awakening

The Sambodhi Sutta teaches the very specific “vipassana” or insight that the Buddha teaches. It is insight into Three Marks Of Existence. These three “marks” or common human characteristics define a person’s life when their minds are rooted in ignorance of Four Noble Truths…

BBCRMC Teaching Staff

On February 23, 2020, Jennifer Seiz, Matt Branham, Ram Manders, and Kevin Hart completed our first Becoming Buddha Cross River Meditation Center's Teachers Training. During our ceremony acknowledging this auspicious event they took refuge in a human Buddha, his...

Truth Of Happiness Dhamma Study

Below is the complete text of The Truth Of Happiness Dhamma Study, a companion study of Becoming Buddha - Becoming Awakened. Also below are audio recordings from our 2020 Dhamma Study from Cross River Meditation Center in Frenchtown, New Jersey. I will post new...

Foundations Of The Buddha’s Dhamma Retreat Book

Foundations Of The Buddha's Dhamma Retreat Talks Coming Soon   These are the most recent talks on this subject. As of December, 2019, There are more than 600 Dhamma talks on this and other teachings of the Buddha in my audio and video archives: ...

Reconciling The Dhamma With Other Practices

This is a talk from our Thursday Dhamma class. A common challenge when developing the Dhamma as the Buddha taught is reconciling the Dhamma with other wholesome practices such as Yoga. One of our staff teachers, Jen, teaches that by maintaining fidelity to the Dhamma...

Becoming Explained – The Loka, Bhava, and Mula Suttas

There is much confusion as to the meaning of “becoming.” Due to this confusion, great license is taken in interpreting what is meant by becoming as taught by the Buddha. This confusion and the following misapplication of the Dhamma can be avoided by simply looking at the Buddha’s own words from the following three sutta’s…

BBCRMC True Vipassana Retreat Book

These are the most recent talks on this subject. As of December, 2019, There are more than 600 Dhamma talks on this and other teachings of the Buddha in my audio and video archives:  Becoming Buddha Cross River...

Local Knowledge – Uncommon Dhamma

The title “Local Knowledge – Uncommon Dhamma” refers to the profound depth of knowledge that supports the useful and skillful understanding that is developed by those with “local knowledge” of what the Buddha actually taught.

Rahogata Sutta – Ending Fabrications Through Jhana

In the Rahogata Sutta, the Buddha teaches that feelings of pleasure, pain, or ambivalence, when perceived through a mimd rooted in ignorance of Four Noble Truths will fabricate what is experienced in a way that reaffirms ignorance and continues stress…

Hindrances To Awakening – Two Suttas

Another word for hindrances is obstacles. These five hindrances are self-imposed obstacles commonly employed in a subtle and often unnoticed (strategically ignored) internal strategy to continue to ignore ignorance of Four Noble Truths…

Released From Affliction – Khajjaniya Sutta

The Khajjaniya Sutta is a profound teaching on the confusion and suffering that follows from clinging to speculative views rooted in ignorance of Four Noble Truths. The Buddha’s described the personal vehicle for ongoing stress and suffering as “Five Clinging Aggregates.”

Acting To Awaken – Karma Sutta

Karma (Pali: Kamma) is the central theme of the Dhamma. It is the abstract definition of the practical experience of Five Clinging-Aggregates within Thee Marks Of Existence…

Dependent Origination And Conditioned Mind

All of human life is anicca, impermanent and uncertain. Life in the phenomenal world is ultimately unsatisfactory, dukkha, due to life’s inescapable qualities of impermanence and uncertainty. Arising from a wrong view of life in the phenomenal world, an impermanent and insubstantial “self” is formed…

Salvation-Free Buddhism

Why An Awakened Human Being Abandoned Religion For a complete understanding of the Buddha's Dhamma referenced herein within the scope and context intended, please read "Foundations Of The Buddha's Dhamma" on our Home Page: Becoming-Buddha.com. Clinging to a belief in...

Poems From The Heartwood

Haiku and  Free-Form Poetry From John and The Becoming Buddha Cross River Meditation Center Sangha (Click On Title)   My Friend Sid True Refuge Ig-Noble Truths Tough (Self)-Love Four Personal Space Becoming (Awakened Bahiya Something Horrible, Something Wonderful...

Becoming Buddha Dhamma Classes And Recordings

CROSS RIVER MEDITATION CENTERWEEKLY SCHEDULE AND RECORDINGS ARCHIVE ↓ Dhamma Class and Live-Stream Login Information ↓ ↓ 700+ Audio Recordings ↓ ↓ 600+ Video Recordings ↓ ↓ Directions ↓ Dhamma Class Schedule All Times Eastern Us Tuesday 7:15 pm In-Person and...

Knowing True Refuge – Three Suttas

Knowing True Refuge Two suttas consistently misunderstood, misquoted, and misapplied in modern Buddhism are the Ratana and Kalama Suttas. The common occurrence of adapting, accommodating, and embellishing what an awakened human being actually taught only continues...

For All Who Reside In The Dhamma - Agantuka Sutta

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My Dhamma articles and talks are based on the Buddha's teachings  (suttas) as preserved in the Sutta Pitaka, the second book of the Pali Canon. I have relied primarily on Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s excellent and insightful translation of the Pali generously made freely available at his website Dhammatalks.org, as well as the works of Acharya Buddharakkhita, Nyanaponika Thera, John Ireland, Maurice Walsh, Hellmuth Hecker, and Sister Khema, among others, as preserved at Access To Insight.

Also, I have found Bhikkhu Bodhi's translations from Wisdom Publications Pali Canon Anthologies to be most informative and an excellent resource.

I have made edits to the suttas from these sources for further clarity, to modernize language, to minimize repetition, and maintain contextual relevance to Dependent Origination and Four Noble Truths.

Becoming-Buddha.com and Dhamma articles and recordings by John Haspel are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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