Denise Mihalik and Tibetan Healing Bowls

I have had two private sessions with Denise. Both sessions were subtle and very peace-instilling and also very powerful. I don’t quite understand what transpires during a session. I will try to describe the sessions.

The healing bowl sessions begin in a comfortable and quiet room. The floor mat and pillows are also very comfortable. Denise is very present and asks to me set an intention for the healing session. Denise also asked if there was anything specific to address. Denise knows my history and I trust her to direct the sessions as she is inspired to.

There are approximately 12 metal bowls of various sizes and frequencies. Denise is very attuned to the bowls. As the session begins I immediately feel a deep resonance with the bowls and a harmonizing effect through my body and mind.

I feel a deep sense of peace and well-being. As the session progresses, bowls are placed on various parts of my body. An interesting occurrence at my last session (earlier today) – just before Denise would place a bowl, I had a strong feeling that she place a bowl exactly where she eventually did!

At any time there may be multiple bowls resonating and harmonizing. It seems as if Denise is playing the bowls as fine-tuned instruments. Every”note” has a profound effect. The feeling of peace and well-being that I experience during a session lasted for days after my first session and I expect the peace and well-being I feel now to last at least as long.

Denise is a truly gifted practitioner of this ancient healing method and beautiful healing bowl concert. I look forward to another session soon.

Denise Mihalik and Tibetan Healing Bowls