Anapanasati – Breath Mindfulness Meditation

The Anapanasati Sutta is the Buddha’s instruction for Shamatha-Vipassana meditation. The purpose of meditation is to deepen concentration to provide the foundation necessary to understand the Three Marks Of Existence…

Fear, Meditation, Anatta

Fear arising during meditation, particularly shamatha-vipassana meditation, is a subject that comes up often. When meditation is practiced within the framework of the Eightfold Path the context of the Four Noble Truths brings understanding and guidance…

Metta Intentional Meditation

This is a recording of Metta Intentional Meditation. Metta means Goodwill or Lovingkindness. Metta is both an aspiration of those developing the Eightfold Path and the ongoing expression of an awakened, fully mature human being….

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