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Dhamma Class Schedule

All Times Eastern Us

Tuesday 7:15 pm In-Person and Live-Streamed

Thursday 2:15 pm Live-Streamed Only

Saturday 8:30 am In-Person and Live-Streamed

Our Live-Stream will begin 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start to allow for time to sign in and join our sangha.

A password is required to enter our Live-Stream “room.” The password is bbcrmc WITHOUT CAPS.

Our classes can be joined on your computer through the Zoom app here:

or through your Android device here: Zoom Android App

or through your IOS device here: Zoom IOS App

Third Saturday 10:30 AM QiGong With Matt Branham At Cross River Meditation center

All Classes Streamed Live

Please check my newsletter for any incidental schedule changes.

Our classes are appropriate for beginners as well as experienced meditators and our sangha is welcoming and supportive. A typical class begins with Jhana meditation followed by a Dhamma talk and sangha Q&A and discussion. We close meditation classes with a five minute guided Metta intentional meditation.

If you are new to meditation and mindfulness or to the direct teachings of the Buddha, please visit For New Visitors.

We request a $20 donation for our classes. All are always welcome regardless of donation.

Please arrive a few minutes early.

Directions are below.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. To be notified of any changes in our schedule please subscribe to our newsletter.

We look forward to sharing the Dhamma with you. Peace.

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Becoming Buddha Cross Rive Meditation Center Audio Archive

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Becoming Buddha Cross Rive Meditation Center Video Archive

Cross River Meditation Center
207 Harrison Street, Frenchtown, New Jersey



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