A Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path Structured Study Talks

These are the most recent talks on this subject. As of December, 2019, There are more than 600 Dhamma talks on this and other teachings of the Buddha in my audio and video archives:




A Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path Structured Study


The purpose of the Buddha’s Dhamma is to end ignorance of Four Noble Truths and awaken to the true nature of human reality. Within the complexity and distractions of modern life, the Triple Refuge of a human Buddha, his still extant Dhamma, and a well-focused and well-informed Sangha continue to bring liberation and freedom from stress, discontent, dis-ease, and suffering remains as unencumbered and free of adaptation, accommodation, and embellishment as when it was first presented over 2,500 years ago.

These suttas have been restored by John to their original focus and intent. It is these suttas that our Dhamma teachers will present in this Structured Study of the only path Siddartha Gotama realized, developed, practiced, and taught for the final forty-five years of this remarkable man’s life.

Introduction: A Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path Structured Study Class Introduction – Loka Sutta – Resolving A World Aflame

Class 1: Nagara Sutta, The Buddha Describes His Awakening and Discovery of The Noble Eightfold Path

Class 2: Agantuka Sutta – For All Who Reside In the Dhamma

Class 3: Sikka Sutta – Three Trainings For Liberation

Class 4: Magga-Vibhanga Sutta – Analysis Of The Path

Class 5:  Tissa Sutta – Uncertain

Class 6: Sacca-Vibhanga Sutta – Analysis Of Four Noble Truths

Class 7: Simsapa Sutta – Handful Of Leaves

Class 8: Mitakali – A Nun’s Path Completed

Class 9: Satthusasana Sutta: To Upali, A Concise Teaching

Class 10: Wisdom and Right Intention – Nagasena Answers King Milinda

Class 11: Kaccayanagotta Sutta – Right View

Class 12: Right Intention – Emptiness of Clinging

Class 13: Adhipateya Sutta – Three Governing Principles

Class 14: Abhaya Sutta  Right Speech and True Compassion

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