Sariputta At Devadaha – Devadaha Sutta

Search for: Devadaha Sutta Talks Sariputta At Devadaha - Devadaha Sutta - August 18 2020 These are the most recent talks on this subject. As of December, 2019, There are more than 600 Dhamma talks on this and other teachings of the Buddha in my audio and video...

Local Knowledge – Uncommon Dhamma

The title “Local Knowledge – Uncommon Dhamma” refers to the profound depth of knowledge that supports the useful and skillful understanding that is developed by those with “local knowledge” of what the Buddha actually taught.

Rahogata Sutta – Ending Fabrications Through Jhana

In the Rahogata Sutta, the Buddha teaches that feelings of pleasure, pain, or ambivalence, when perceived through a mimd rooted in ignorance of Four Noble Truths will fabricate what is experienced in a way that reaffirms ignorance and continues stress…

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