2014 Truth of Happiness Retreat


The theme of our 2014 retreat was “The Truth of Happiness.” The Sangha photo attests to the effectiveness of the simple Dhamma! The first Dhamma talk was primarily focused on using the framework of the Eightfold Path to bring insight into our thoughts, words and deeds in relation to the Eightfold Path. Emphasis was placed on Right Speech and how being mindful of what is said to others and to ourselves will quickly show clinging and aversion. A related focus of our retreat was “emptiness of clinging”, the Buddha’s teaching on emptiness. The 7 Dhamma talks further developed this understanding that lasting peace and happiness is developed within the framework of the Eightfold Path.

All who attended remained well-focused and engaged in Right Speech throughout. The discussions after Dhamma talk were skillful examples of Right Speech and emptiness of clinging to views. Our “retreat sangha” provided a loving and supportive environment for each other that was a true expression of wisdom and compassion.

Kevin, Jim, Dave, Deb, Lisa, Joy, Charlie, Ram, Moira, Denise, and Matt, Thank You all for being a part of our 2014 retreat and for allowing me the honor of presenting the Dhamma.

Matt, your grasp of the Dhamma and your service to all of us, including the local community, through discussion and Qi Gong, is so warmly appreciated! Thank You

Denise, your love for all was so beautifully and effectively expressed through your mindful presence AND the Himalayan Healing Bowls. You have an extraordinary way of bringing peace and well-being, and we all were deeply affected by your “playing!” Thank You.

Moira, your compassion for the retreat sangha, your dana, your mindful presence, your meditation and yoga sessions, and you work as ruler of the Moktok contributed greatly to our retreat. Thank You.



For All Who Reside In The Dhamma - Agantuka Sutta

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My Dhamma articles and talks are based on the Buddha's teachings  (suttas) as preserved in the Sutta Pitaka, the second book of the Pali Canon. I have relied primarily on Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s excellent and insightful translation of the Pali generously made freely available at his website Dhammatalks.org, as well as the works of Acharya Buddharakkhita, Nyanaponika Thera, John Ireland, Maurice Walsh, Hellmuth Hecker, and Sister Khema, among others, as preserved at Access To Insight.

Also, I have found Bhikkhu Bodhi's translations from Wisdom Publications Pali Canon Anthologies to be most informative and an excellent resource.

I have made edits to the suttas from these sources for further clarity, to modernize language, to minimize repetition, and maintain contextual relevance to Dependent Origination and Four Noble Truths.

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