2014 Fall Dana Dinner


Our 2014 Fall Dana Dinner was a beautiful expression of Dana. Great generosity of spirit was felt by all. Thank you all for your generosity and your mindful presence. All of the dinners brought were delicious and the practical gifts made many feel a true connection to our community!

Thank You Moira for your beautiful words on the spirit of Dana and your welcoming presence.
Thank You Matt for all your help in the planning and for getting the word out – and everything.
Denise, thank you for your magnificent prayer! (and for bringing Bill!)
Thank You Mayor Warren Cooper for all your support, as always.

And a very special thank you to Mike, Julie and all of the staff of Lovin Oven. You make our Dana Dinners possible, succesful and delicious by you Dana. Thank You!

We are beginning to plan our next dinner for spring 0f 2015. Peace.


For All Who Reside In The Dhamma - Agantuka Sutta

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Also, I have found Bhikkhu Bodhi's translations from Wisdom Publications Pali Canon Anthologies to be most informative and an excellent resource.

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